A most original idea for your events, your receptions ...

You have 2 choices :

(from 200 guests)
It is mobil right to you and it moves, together with the cheese Master and becomes the “STAR” of your party.
It is 1,80 meter high
1,50 meter diameter
800 kilogram in weight
Furthermore, René TOURRETTE will offer his selection of seasonal cheeses (on average between 70 and 80 sorts) in order to fill the three movable, superposed marble trays of the Bell-covered Cheese-board refregerated.

If the location of your party is big enough for the Bell-covered Cheese-board, you will receive rental estimate, which will depend on the geographical area of the delivery and on how long you require it for.

(from 80 guests)
Made and served by our cheese Masters.
With it you will experience the “Tour de France” in tastes.

Estimate on request.

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