Unpasteurised cheeses are right at the center of the passion of René TOURRETTE with his knowledge of regions, sheep population and seasons.

, he can select the right diary product in accordance with the ressources of the market.

, he captures the attention of everybody with his stories about cheeses and History of France.

, he can help you to optimise your profits selling authentical cheeses.

Blue cheeses, goat and sheep cheeses, hard or soft cheeses, shaped in round cheese or in tomme cheese, blue - orange - or grey - coloured cheeses...all of them are the result of the science of few men mixed with ressources in nature.

Master in cheeses Science, René TOURRETTE invites you to come and enjoy the degustation of 7 families of cheeses: time for a tasty pleasure...

Please, come and enter at the restaurant “LA CLOCHE A FROMAGE® and the shops in Strasbourg and you will attend conferences, training sessions or simply be a new business partner.

"La Cloche à Fromage"® - 27, rue des Tonneliers 67000 Strasbourg - France
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